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Xpspeak 41

I have been keeping an eye on the thread, but I've not a lot to report at the moment. My world is now complete! I have been able to open up Winamp using Wine, but Winamp does nothing other than sit there looking pretty. You simply coded the equation you wanted to fit, the range to fit over, some parameter estimates and it did non linear fitting. Installation of wine is straightforward:

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As far as using pseudo-Voigt function for your fitting thats a bit odd unless ofcourse you are using non-monochromatic x-ray. I would totally trust excel to do convolution. Not yet played xpspexk with it as I'm off to teach presently, but this looks very promising indeed. One more thing I forgot If it doesn't work with wine you should try with Vmware server. Even in excel you can do convolution on the fly.

I just tried Wine through the command line. You simply coded the equation you wanted to fit, the range to fit over, some parameter estimates and it did non linear fitting. If it doesn't, I'll try going down the VM route.

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But it seems you have other options now anyway. However, I didn't see any downloadable program and it would appear as though I need to be a member of the group which costs. I've not installed or used it, but it does look rather dandy and about what I was after.

I was thinking about writing something in Scilab, but if anyone has any programme that can do that for me, I'd be hugely appreciative. There is an excellent peak fitting program in the repositories: I was just pointing out that absolutely anything, that can multiply and add, can do convolution.

It can fit pseudo-Voigt functions, but it is quite cack-handed to use. I hope this program will be useful for people without modern XPS software.

XPSPEAK (free) download Windows version

With regards to CCP5, I was rather excited! I am a bit confused by the line "there are subtle effects that influence the shape of XPS features which xpsspeak impossible to code into an automatic fitting program".

I was doing X-ray spectroscopy at the time.

I don't actually have them at present but I can contact my old work to try and get them. As for the psudo-Voigt fitting itself, the biggest source of a Gaussian lineshape in XPS comes from the x-ray source.

However it's written in VB Some of those links looks promising, and I'll see about getting the DLL, but that in itself seems rather kookie - XPSpeak works fine in Windows without any issues. Kwok This version of the program was written in Visual Basic 6. Is that the case, Juggies? The background in XPS data isn't as simple as a linear background either, but is a slightly more complicated "Shirley" background, although if Kwok can implement that then it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

You can install windows xp in your xpsleak machine and then use your program.

Sorry, I should have been clearer, I didn't mean to automate the whole procedure. DLL from Microsoft here http: In order to do this I will xospeak to convolve the calculated data with Gaussians and Xxpspeak. Are you fitting by hand? I just had a quick look at the Fitt programme you linked to in a previous post It was a little frustrating using it in the beginning but once you get used to it DLL which is needed by L"Z: On a different note I came across this site which might be of help http: On my setup, it looks like Xpspeak installs and runs fine Ubuntu 8.

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