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Rockmelt browser 2012

The advantage here is that content can be accessed for later consumption, which seems to be what users are doing more of, rather than bookmarking full sites for future reference. It had nothing to do with the product though, it turns out that RockMelt was about three years ahead of its time. On the other, those same extensions and add-ons are what has made Firefox slower over the years, making browsers like Chrome seem like such a breath of fresh air. Tools like Flock and RockMelt face an uphill battle of balancing social functionality without making the core browsing experience sub-optimal.

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In fact, it looks like RockMelt has gone out of its way to hide the Extensions feature. Follow us on social media. The new ability to pin websites to the Windows 7 taskbar offers one-click access to a site — almost like a single-site browser.

All data collected in the survey is anonymous. Some of these extensions work really well, while others don't. A PCMech review of Rockmelt stressed how easy it was to share content via Rockmelt, and the browser received praises for the option to add additional feeds.

Having been in public beta since Aprilthe best is yet to come for RockMelt. Click Here to find out more. Views Read Edit View history.

Speaking to the social nature of RockMelt users, Vishria shared that an average RockMelt user performs seven chats a day. To help people discover the best content from around the web," explains a blog post from Rockmelt co-founders Eric Vishria and Tim Howes. And even though many might narrowly focus on market share, the company is focused on making its users happier and more social. One month later, its technology was incorporated into a redesigned version of Yahoo's main app for iOS and Android.

Yahoo buys social web-browser startup Rockmelt but shuts down its apps

This allows your "browser experience" to be, in a way, profiled. The new version is the "most significant update" yet to the Chromium-based web browser and it touts better chat, more robust Twitter integration and a new "view later" feature.

The extensibility strategy for RockMelt hasn't been disclosed, and this is going to end up being what makes the service either a cool novelty or something really cool. Thus, the featureset is similar to what you would find in a full-featured desktop or web-based Twitter app.

I was curious to look at how RockMelt would handle its social tools. Treat yourself Sit back and let the hottest tech news come to you by the magic of electronic mail.

The new socially savvy web browser, RockMeltentered private beta on Sunday and is already becoming a viral web hit, thanks in large part to the Facebook-authenticated invitation scheme it uses. After all, browsing is a passive activity, and the Internet hrowser increasingly about interaction.

AndroidiOSWindows. Tim HowesEric Vishria.

Could be a Big Year For Browsers and RockMelt is Ready

Instead, RocketMelt loads a Facebook app every time the browser is loaded, which is what powers the social elements of RockMelt. Yahoo's flurry of mobile-focused startup acquisitions shows no signs of slowing down. Got two minutes to spare? View it Later Vishria told us that users are increasingly using bookmarks less — or not bookmarking content at all. Journey to a Social Web Browser There are hundreds of plugins and extensions for the various web browsers, but out of the box, almost every major browser lacks a lot of social integration.

Rockmelt was created by Rockmelt, Inc. Or at least browsers with social features, as RockMelt hopes.

The sidebar experience is separate from whether you are logged in at Twitter. On top of that, it looks good.

Show 25 25 50 All. Mayer painted such acquisitions as essential for re-energising Yahoo. Bookmarks Extensions Privacy mode Sync. The downside is that, depending on server load, those features might not load in your browser.

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