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Numerous bugs, dating from 7 years or more, were lurking because my local configuration had switched PFS off for testing, and it had never been turned back on! Was unduly offsetting stacktrace by one extra level. Record compilation date and time for the crashlog. Every time the library was rescanned, it could trigger a crash due to a memory zone being declared private and was in fact shared between threads.

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Specifically, gtk-gnutella supports partial file sharing, [2] remote queueing [3] and files larger than 4 GiB.

Too many bugs were reported and ignored because they could not be reproduced, often due to not having the same setup when attempting to debug! A new algorithm 2-Way String Matching now complements the Quick Search algorithm and an initial benchmarking is done to compare our own matching routines with native gtk-guntella versions of strstrstrlenstrchr and memchr.

In particular, completed gtk-gnuteola were not properly shared, it was not possible to upload their THEX since it was not recomputed, and the files were not properly indexed in the Query Routing Table due to bugs in the background task layer.

This release fixes a very critical bug that was only manifesting when Partial File Sharing was turned on, and which caused possible memory corruption leading to a sure crash later when enqueuing new files for downloading. Retrieved from " https: The gnutella network benefits from running the latest version gt-gnutella as peer and hostile IP address lists change rapidly, making building the latest SVN snapshot the best option.

There are also pre-compiled packages for many Linux distributions available online. Improved pattern matching with new algorithm and runtime benchmarking. The main issue was that of Partial File Gtk-gnuella.

gtk-gnutella(1) - Linux man page

The reason is due to a change that was integrated in 1. Most users are only familiar with the configure scripts generated by the latter. This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat Simplify code for read-lock upgrading and releasing. Use new vstrstrvstrlenvmemchr and vstrchr for optimized runtime.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Free and open-source software portal. New Features Improvements Append gtk-gntuella Gnutella properties to the crashlog file.

Optimized ctz64 to make it more obvious.

After a while Raphael Manfredi gt-kgnutella over as the main software architect, and the client has been in active development ever since. Another nasty bug was fixed: Show zalloc settings at startup and in "memory show options". Thread runtime now allows a signal handler to run within another one. Added statistics for OOB hit notifications we process.

gtk-gnutella - Wikipedia

The gtk-gnutella sources use dist as build and configuration system instead of Autoconf. Steal this file sharing book. No panicing when thread cannot block but was actually suspended. Versions released after July do not look like the original Nullsoft client.

The thread runtime now has an improved deadlock detection engine, based on a topological sort, that can definitely tell whether we are deadlocked.

Reduce memory footprint of compiled patterns for short patterns. The algorithm used to pick random chunks to download was also revisited to ensure a uniform selection within the whole file ranges that remain to be fetched.

Declare property choices[] array static and const! This gtk-gnutella version was also dedicated to the memory of Dennis Ritchie We need additional contributors for C development and documentation.

This affected the UPnP logic.

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