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Jidin sengal

Find out more about this upcoming short film by reading it here and be sure to catch this drama which stars celebrities like Remy Ishak, Farahdhiya, Hanez Suraya, Ozlynn Waty dan Rosnah Johari this Saturday, 19th November, 10pm at TV3. He also shared about his experiences working with the new and young Director, Esmi Zahara. Read more about it by clicking here. These fortunate youngsters not only got a behind the scenes look at the making of an smebusiness. We even wrote a song for it.

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March 13, Oh! It was 3 months of fun, fulfilling, but hard work, jiidn because of this firm foundation the students of the academy are now better prepared to face the industry.

Jidin Sengal Part 1

With award winning cast and a great storyline, do be sure to catch it! Baca cerita penuh di sini.

March 8, Budiey. The AmBank crowd went wild as he got off the stage to sing and interact among the crowds.

March 9, OhBulan! Watch out for our air time to check out on our featured brilliant entrepreneurs. March 12, Oh! August 6, Jom Sahur!

Jidin Sengal Part 1 - video dailymotion

Artis as the warming tale of how they hit the streets of KL to give food to its homeless citizens catches on. Jidin Sengal "Jidin Sengal" is described as a rom-com that focuses on the 'glamour world' that is enjoyed by extras in the Malaysian film industry who are all trying to make it big.

Dengan Ernie Chen masih di bangku pengarah, filem ini mengambil peluang di atas populariti program realiti televisyen Maharaja Lawak dengan menampilkan lebih ramai kumpulan lawak dan plot yang berkaitan dengan program tersebut jika anda membaca sinopsisnya. Find out more by clicking here.

Pergaduhan itu berpunca apabila kru tersebut meminta Eira menguatkan suaranya kerana tahap audio yang rendah ketika penggambaran berlangsung. SMKB is a horror comedy genre which is schedule to be released this year end.

Read more by clicking here. This time around, the movie has been featured at one of the more popular entertainment TV shows, Galaksi.

A great achievement indeed for the team! It has definitely come a long way and on the 20th of November, it was celebrated.

He also shared about his experiences working with the new and young Director, Esmi Zahara.

Download,buletin and information Jidin Sengal ()

March 21, Jidin Sengal on Gaol. To know more, click here. December 17, NST u-phoria online: March 23, Jidin Sengal Featured in Sinar Harian Sinar Harian has published a full color page article on the current blockbuster hit movie, Jidin Sengal, giving some insight about the film.

March 21, Jidin Sengal Press Ads and Blurbs on Local Papers With only a day left to the launching of the next big movie, Jidin Sengal, various local newspapers has published the film's press ad in full color and black and white pages. August 2, 'Kosmic' Coverage! It is also stated that they truly appreciate their efforts to work towards making Malaysia a better place for all races to live in and to jidim promote better unity.

This session was hosted in conjunction with the coming Hari Raya. December 22, NST article: Jom Tengok Ape Cer!!!

Full Cast & Crew

The whole event was later broadcast on Edisi7 on Sunday, 19 March The crew came to Suatu Malam Kubur Berasap's media preview at Cathay Cineleisure and interviewed the cast as well as the director then. Ernie berkata, karyanya itu mempunyai pengikut yang tersendiri dan kejayaan filem pertama SMKB sebelum ini yang mendapat kutipan RM4.

Go here for other movie videos.

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