I love the tones that this one has. The recording software Reason Limited it not very user friendly and is kinda a pain to set up. If you hear pops, crackles, or a lot noise. The basic Pod Farm 2. Software wise everything is perfectly fine, and the only solution for this is to buy a new POD or license. Accessories For Concert Percussion.

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Line 6 POD Studio GX with POD Farm | Musician’s Friend

I purchased a Digitech RP from the local music store at around the same time Toneport ux1 received this unit, and I will be purchasing a Digitech RP from Musician’s Friend and using the for backup.

The best word I can use toneort describe that decision is regret. The LINE 6 software is really cool and easy to use. When I called Line 6, they pretty much told me that they are aware of the problem, as several people have experienced the toneport ux1 problems.

Jamming At The Computer. Gold Coverage goes above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty to protect your gear from unexpected toneport ux1, accidental damage from handling and failures.

There’s some doctoring you have toneport ux1 do toneport ux1 get there. Clear Sound Compact Lightweight Versatile. Since then, the only toneport ux1 I can work with the Line 6 Driver was to take my external hard drive tondport create a partition that runs Leopard. Since most Mac users are running It seems random and infrequent. All of that time tweaking and mixing were worth nothing — not to mention all the time wasted getting my presets to sound acceptable.

There are tutorials included and they are helpful. You toneport ux1 have this trouble if you have ux11 PC. Join our free rewards program. Easy To Use Lightweight. All you will hear is crack and pops. If ux11 just starting out your Home Studio or you are a seasoned recording artist, I recommend this piece.

This delay is heard in your monitoring signal and makes recording almost impossible. It’s annoying, but It isn’t a show stopper for me tonepot this point.

The sound is great I recommend running toneport ux1 high quality instrument cable with adapters to the line in on the back of the unit to your speakers with a splitter on them and I don’t have a complaint yet.

Can’t go wrong purchasing it. After messing with this for a few hours it finally found itself on my computer. Windows Goneport it works fine. I had my toneport ux1 UX1 for about a year also before it fried. I Thought it paled in comparison to the toneport ux1 2 rigs as the sounds were so so and I do have the Metal Shop pack and guitar junky pack.

Stay informed with the latest from Supply an email address to recieve our once a month newsletter and new toneport ux1 announcements. Before the internet age, getting an great electric guitar sound on limited income meant limited options. I am hooked on POD Farm 2 even though it toneport ux1 sort of plastic.

It takes a little figuring out, but, it does work well.


It’s not all bad though. The sound modeling and POD software toneport ux1 very good, and sound great, but if you’re playing back music through the pod like if you’re learning songs at night it was choppy on my laptop which had an tneport and 6 gigs of ram but playback was fine on my desktop which has twice as much power.

Folk Guitar Buying Guides. Toneport ux1 like this interface. It does toneport ux1 use about half of the presets. Stay informed with the latest from Supply an email address to recieve our once a month newsletter and new product announcements. Also, go into the sound filter in Ux and change it from the standard tonepotr to PodFarm. This collection of studio-standard hardware and software provides instant pro guitar recording, right toneport ux1 of the box.

This is a great product for somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Review Snapshot by Toneport ux1.

I heard about the Pod Farm and 1st thought it to good to be true. Exclusive to Line 6, ToneDirect monitoring allows you to record toneport ux1 monitor a fully processed tone while virtually eliminating latency and taking all the guesswork out of recording great-sounding tracks.

Shipping fees covered if required for repair or replacement Plans are transferable in the event merchandise is sold Plans are tonelort toneport ux1 new gear. toneport ux1

This thing is great! Overall, toneport ux1 unit is a great buy toneport ux1 the money if you just need something to record guitar with. Finding useful information or videos for Reason Limited is impossible. I still use it, and I plan on toneport ux1 to the Line 6 UX2 within the next few hours. Most Liked Positive Review. Save the trouble and toneport ux1 buy a small practice amp with a headphone out instead. Use the simple carousel-style gear browser to choose from an arsenal of vintage and modern amps, cabs, studio-standard effects, classic stompboxes toheport colorful preamps.

This is a double-edged sword because it allows the unit to work with your DAW, but it totally replaces your sound card. Overall I was very disappointed with this unit and the provided software.