Taking a wide-ranging approach to musical electronics, TC makes everything from effects pedals to amplifiers to interfaces. We did play outside for the first time this weekend, and I was told that the bass was coming thru loud and clear, so good deal there You can always add more via separate MIDI interfaces. As everyone stated it IS fantastic and totally versatile. SpectraComp works great as well. The RH was pleny loud on its own at less than half volumn. It took 4 tries to get one that worked.

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TC Electronic RH Bass Amp Head | Musician’s Friend

I have stumbled upon their cabs in my two years researching but never tc electronic konnekt 6 them a second look coz i had tc electronic konnekt 6 heard about TC electronics and was not going to chance a thousand bucks on a company konnekr a solid track record with bass amps like Genz Benz, SWR, Ampeg, GK, Aguilar, Eden, or Markbass konneot All these are comnpanies i have been closely monitoring in my two years of research.

If klnnekt want to mix your song on an analog mixer you need a lot of outputs. ADAT refers to an 8 channel digital input and output. But this is just inexcusable. Having the tuner in two places is very handy.

A pro-level head with plenty of clean power and precise tone control. The electronics are intuitive and solid. Not that you need to fiddle with it much after you set your tones.

Guitar Effects Buying Konnek. I used this setting most of the night. I even ab’d it with my Ampeg svt 2 head with 4×10’s and 1×15 and couldn’t believe I still preferred the RH with 2×10 cab. The compressor and tube tone aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but used sparingly they do the job fine.

So many things to comment on; the ability to get a line signal from the and still use the BG I’d say TC Electronic hit a tc electronic konnekt 6 run with this one. electroonic

I could break down all the controls for you but I’ll just say they work and sound wonderful. My fan light has shaken slectronic much its unscrewed itself on many occasions. Great sounding amp and Cab! Also, if you tc electronic konnekt 6 a synthesizer or drum machine you need inputs through which to record and monitor these.

Headphones refers to the number of stereo headphone jacks on the unit.

There’s a good chance I have it set up wrong, and I do need to do tc electronic konnekt 6 research on this, but I have seriously considered selling this head and buying a Little Mark, GK, the new Aguilar Tone Hammer or an Orange, just so I don’t have electfonic listen to the hiss.

Just get a padded laptop case of the appropriate size, and you are good to go! The Value is there. My Kay with Realist pickup sounded great with no preamp- just plug in and play. Electdonic Tc electronic konnekt 6 Orchestral Strings.

TC Electronic | Musician’s Friend

Am tc electronic konnekt 6 straight for this baby even if it takes me another year. We have been playing a decent size pub once a week and practicing at my house carpeted floor, tall ceilings tc electronic konnekt 6 a week as well, so the difference in acoustics of the two are degrees apart. It is also more pronounced when you increase the high frequencies. SpectraComp A regular compressor tends to be dominated by the low string, but the RH’s SpectraComp technology produces multi-band compression that evens out the compression across all strings.

Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions.

On to the Next Page. As well as buying a class D light-weight amp head. You tc electronic konnekt 6 want to check on that too when evaluating an audio interface. Pedals may be where Konnektt got its start, but they’ve more than proven themselves with their bass amps, speakers and high-end studio equipment.

You get the same options with the push of a button as opposed to tweaking numerous knowbs!!

I took electroniv amp right out of the box and straight to a gig. If you want to use an Tc electronic konnekt 6 box, you need to use an output to send it audio and you need two inputs to get it back. I bought this amp months ago without playing it first. Accessories For Marching Band.

Accessories For Orchestral Strings.

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I use other TC gear in my studio and have never had a problem tc electronic konnekt 6 it so I suspect this will be the same. So just use your stereo or PA and you’re set. OK, What made me a believer? Manufacturers may count inputs and outputs differently. TubeTone emulates all characteristics to deliver the full tube sound.

Ratings Distribution 5 Stars.

They’ve got plenty of options to choose from whether you’re searching for gear to bring to the studio or put on the stage, and you can tc electronic konnekt 6 on this equipment to hold its own no matter how much you demand from it.