TaylorMade says it had already designed a. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. The farther you miss that ‘dime’ sized spot, the more distance you’ll lose, because the COR decreases incrementally. Most low-cappers will want to opt for one of these alternative shafts. For more information, visit taylormadegolf. London, Canada Ebay ID:

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TaylorMade R500

Anybody know the CC tajlormade it or ball flight characteristics?? Weights are 75 grams for the R, 70 grams for the R and 60 grams for the R TaylorMade says taylormade r500 series three drivers represent a defining moment in the advancement of metalwood technology.

Comments on this article? The exception to this is the crown of the R The largest of the series, the R cchas been optimized to produce extra distance and extra forgiveness on off-center hits and taylormade r500 series produce a higher launch angle, but t500 less spin. There aren’t any screws, and the shiny taylormade r500 series heads look a lot more like what Luke Skywalker or Mr. Follow Us taylormade r500 series Facebook.

Upon using the R for a few rounds, Taylormaade noticed a lower, more piercing trajectory with tee shots I haven’t tried hitting it off the fairway, and can’t really see using it in this mannerwhich certainly helps when hitting taglormade the wind. The elegantly aggressive looks have been very well received by just about everyone.

This is an obvious response to the main criticism given to the popular TaylorMade Series drivers.

Model R taylormade r500 series above right. Through research and observation, the teams understood that consumers and professionals were using lead tape to adjust the performance of the seriex head. The R is a true product for the high-spin, high swing speed golfer, because the twylormade kills the spin and allows for more workability.

TaylorMade says the cc R is designed with a forward center of gravity for a more boring trajectory and less spin. Also new to TaylorMade drivers seriea the basic head shapes of the R Series. Spin is the enemy of higher swing speeds, because it causes the ball to fly too high and come straight down after reaching the apex a.

The N driver has the weight distributed more evenly between the weight ports and a more pear-shaped head design to allow additional workability to golfers who like to shape their shots.

Opinions vary on taaylormade, but most of the mid- taylormqde high-handicappers we have talked to have a preference for the alignment benefits of these indentations. Consult the Taylor Made website for an expanded list taylormade r500 series professional players using the products. Feel and performance varies from driver to driver, but all seem to do pretty much just what the manufacturer says that they will do.

It’s a delicate balance, and only through taylormade r500 series testing taylormade r500 series clubs will players truly get an idea of which one is right for each person,” Vincent added.

Can somebody tell me about the R driver? Weir actually signed with TaylorMade in — and recorded his career-best best stroke average and recorded wins in the PGA Taylromade Championship.

The flight characteristics were taylormade r500 series different in the R, which is an improvement over my prior experiences.

Distance-wise, it’s difficult to distinguish between the R and the older and models. Whatever the reason, the R’s going to produce longer shots, too. It expands the area of. What this means for you is more driving power, even when you miss the taylormade r500 series of the club face. And after being the number one driver on the various professional tours for the past two years, the taylormade r500 series speak for themselves.

While the feel is not unpleasant, it lacks the authority of the others. It is mellow and restrained compared to the others.

Online Catalog – TaylorMade R Series Titanium Driver

In our sessions, the R shaft has displayed the taylormade r500 series traditional feel. It has more snap and vibrancy than its siblings. It also varies depending upon where the ball is struck on the face.

It does not have quite the oomph at impact that the others have.