A clear lid allows the ultra-bright LED status indicators to be clearly seen even in the daytime. SPORTident’s latest transportation case is be available in one size. Colors black, red, green, blue, black with red seams. The waterproof connectors are easy to fit to existing SPORTident station cables, although some soldering is required. With the Set you get many possibilities of evaluating and showing the data e.

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Fixing the SIAC with an elastic band on the wrist. After the finish, race data stored in competitors SIAC have sportident usb be read onto a computer for event evaluation.

Typical applications Orienteering, Adventure sports. Instruction card “Clear backup” sportident usb clear the stations backup memory. Different antenna sizes are available to fit in with local sportideng while maximising transmission distance.

Instruction card “Start” to store the mass start time into printout station. For further information contact Phillip Herries at pherries tasc.

No configuration of the radios is necessary as O-Lynx will automatically select the best route for the signal to get back to the event centre — simply take the radios out and use. Both left-handed and right-handed compass models are available. Together we will find the perfect size of your set – to create a stunning experience for you and your runners.

With the set you get many possibilities of evaluating and showing the data e. This will enable sportident usb can be compared to sportident usb competitors even while the competitors are still out on the course. The SPORTident ActiveCard also includes a radio module which enables live data during the race, as well as radio readout of the card after sportident usb race. Many possibilities of evaluating and showing the data e. Windows – 8. Please contact our specialist sportident usb Trail Running: The holder is a sportident usb product fixed with strips or elastic bands.

O-Lynx|Software for making Sports Events spectator friendly

It is self-evident that all components are tested and the batteries sportident usb charged. Therefore to enable this, the checkpoints and the finish line can be soprtident with a SRR Dongle. O-Lynx Results for Commentary Providing commentary is easy when you have all the information in front of you. The unique design of the BSBL large meets requirements for identification at checkpoints in sports sportident usb skiing and sportident usb.

Typical applications Outdoor sports, Corporate activities. This SI-Card is an advanced passive punching card for orienteering and outdoor sports which features high punching speed and bigger data storage.

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The O-Lynx radio modules are small mm x 75mm excluding sportident usb antenna and light grams and so are suitable to mount sportident usb onto the orienteering control stands. Radio Controls in use during Sprint the Bay O-Lynx Control Modules The O-Lynx radio modules are small mm x 75mm excluding the antenna and sportident usb grams and so are suitable to mount directly onto the orienteering control stands.

The station can be controlled and also be charged by USB interface. SRR Dongle connected to a laptop or tablet allows to upload results data sportident usb real time and present them on different media.

The size can be customised to adjust the needs. Compatibility BS8 control station. The USB cable also charges the master radio while it is connected. This RSSI is used to control and define the signal fields to avoid interferences with sub magnetic fields, p. The station comes with a ground antenna, which is plugged in the SI-Station. Create a buzz at the event centre with detailed up-to-date race information in sportident usb uxb to understand but compact format.

O-Lynx Event Simple, reliable event management and timing. Use the ComCard Up to both navigate on the track and punch at the control stations. Special full compatible with SI hardware. If the SI ActiveCard is plugged in, you dont need to put them out sportident usb the race. SPORTident does not offer an sportident usb shop. In order to weather-proof the system better and provide a secure connection, O-Lynx modules use a locking waterproof 6 pin connector LTW Part Eportident.

The fastest way to time your Trail Running event

Weight 38 gramm total weight incl. Once this bracket is attached, the control sportident usb simply clip onto the bracket in usv way that makes them securely fastened but easily removed.

Recent Posts Providing a better download experience. The runners bring the data to the finish line. The SI-Card8 sportident usb available in two body colors, red and blue.

Ush holder “plate” for BS8 sportident usb on the base and a fiberglass stick 80cm. Please check also our retail and sales partner all over the world to get the best support in your country. At SPORTident, we support the preparation, realisation and evaluation of your leisure and competition sport events.