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Cymtcc software

You can also access this dialog box by selecting a component, and clicking on the in the Main toolbar, or by right-clicking to access the contextual Symbol Properties button menu, and from it, select Symbol Properties. The Common Relay Creation Features are described below in section 5. For other types, you will need to enter that description; see the second dialog box below. Make your selection and click the Print button.

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Licensed Software

These numbers do not soffware indicate a sequence of devices. If extra text is placed between the same quotes, it will also not be displayed. Checking the checkbox next to Display cycle legend, will display the Y scale to the right of the graphic as well. This will enable the relevant fields in the Pick Up group box.

Power Consultants Ltd - Software

See Warning Message in chapter Type Identifies the specific device. Softwqre is to facilitate the visual verification of the transformer protection. You may also type in a value which is not shown. A dashed line extends to the cursor location 3.

Displays the borders of the individual sheets on the canvas.

Multiplier is applied cy,tcc either the Sensor rating or the Long Time Pick Up current to determine the Instantaneous Pick Up current, at which the instantaneous portion of the curve symbol and then on the number. In the Clipping group box, you can set the upper current limit beyond which the device curve will not be drawn. Shows or hides the Multi-Explorer pane. The curves are modeled as a recloser with electronic Sovtware setup.

In the Curve Plot workspace: In the Margins group box, you can set the margins of the printout.

CYME International - Software, Protective Device Coordination

Click again to place a softwre, and so on. Components can be assigned properties such as fill color, line color and font that determine their appearance.

This mechanical damage is more pronounced at high currents. Select the item then click, with the left mouse button, on the right side of the item. Calculation tool for accurate photometric predictions. Most of the other elements in this menu are options that ctmtcc activate or de-activate by clicking on them. Eaton's CYMTCC software addresses time over-current protection for industrial, commercial and distribution power systems.

Then click the left button of 1. When you select that menu option, the following dialog box is displayed. Type May be selected from the list by clicking on the desired curve description. To insert an existing. If you want to select multiple components, hold the CTRL key and then click each of the components you want to include in the selection, or click and drag in an empty space to draw a selection rectangle.

Cancels the last modification s. Then, for each selected one, click on the symbol, and then on the desired curve.

The Colors check box when not checked will command the printer to print in black and white; this function is most useful when using certain types of plotters. You may select from a list by clicking on the symbol and then on the device name.

As well, the grid lines are not visible behind any curve. Click on the OK button when you have finished. Arrows will be displayed only for those devices for which you have xymtcc them.

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