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Thank you so much!!! Skip messages newer than int days. Use offlineimap written by John Goerzen or mbsync written by Michael R.

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Your name or email address: Use this header to compare messages on both sides. Does not synchronize acls. Authentication cram-md5 is not used by default too few servers support it.

VAT is often 2 letters followed by 11 digits, for example mine is FR Use a SSL connection on host1. Print only software version. Option --usecache is then implied unless --nousecache is used.

imapsync(1) - Linux man page

Tips about imap server softwares: This is the default. Do not calculate the size of each folder in bytes and message counts. Password for the user1. Sync this folder first.

How To Migrate Mailboxes Between IMAP Servers With imapsync

After the migration, the two messages on server1. Same as --search for selecting host2 messages only. The default behavior is now the best one for most cases. Have in mind that --regextrans2 is applied after prefix and separator inversion.

Support includes things like no time to imapshnc the documentationhow to deal with special imap server softwares Gmail, Exchangechoosing and explaining options, explaining error messages, solving authentication issues, dealing with speed, quotas, special context, running in parallel, etc.

Welcome to the imapsync web site!

I like to migrate but without to use logins and passwords RFC says it must be no more than bytes. Auth mechanism to use with host2.

NTLM authentication with domain has been added. It does it by adding two --regextrans2 options before all others. The file where imapsync pid is written.

But today we need to do a new Email account migration, when I try to download imapsync from repository of Ubuntu Run a live test with test1. We have to tell imapsync the usernames and passwords of the mail accounts that we want to migrate.

Other various imap software servers. Do you know if imapsync will work with a Maildir that is copied to a locally attached portable disk and then attached to the new target server? All comments Recent comments 15 Apr This release adds TLSv1 support, new release checking, a --noreleasecheck option, and reconnect behavior.

Deleted only folders matching regex.

imapsync – Freecode

When you play with the --regextrans2 option, first add also the safe options --dry --justfolders Then, when happy, remove --dry, remove --justfolders. Newly transferred messages are also expunged if option --delete is given. Need only --host1 and --host2 options.

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