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Vietcong fist alpha cz

Vietcong First Person Shooter. Pouzi odkaz Vietcong-Fist Alpha vytvoreny po instalacii datadisku 2. Release date Released Odstranene anglicke hlasove prikazy vyskytujuce sa v ceskej verzii. This update comes with full mod content.

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Default Vietcong settings was: Alebo vytvor odkaz, pridaj na koniec ciela vietcong. Odstranene anglicke hlasove prikazy vyskytujuce sa v ceskej verzii.

Extended "deathvoice" hurt, dying. Tento update prichadza s obsahom plne funkcneho modu. Rosenfield uses another voice unless he is a bot in custom maps, native voice for viectong commands not found in source - substituted a few native "disturbing" voice commands and calls - Le Duy Nhut completely instead of US soldier no.

Release date Released Standardne Vietcong nastavenie bolo: Opravene mensie chyby v povodnych suboroch. Fixed minor bugs in native files.

Developer 2k Czech Illusion Softworks. Players can order air strikes or ambush enemy patrols, but success ultimately depends on their ability to keep a level head in the thick of intense action.

xhc-EXTENDED-CZ addon - Vietcong

Zruseny "hit shock", ktory bol v hre nastaveny iba pre niektore postavy. Rosenfield s inym hlasom pokial nie je bot v uzivatelskych mapach, povodny hlas pre multiplayer nebol v zdroji najdeny - nahradenych zopar povodnych na posluch "rusivych" hlasovych prikazov a zvolani - Le Duy Nhut kompletne nahradil americkeho vojaka c.

Added Jan 7th, Players will lead as many as six expertly trained soldiers through 20 dramatic missions, and follow a storyline that captures the danger, fear and unpredictability of the war itself.

The full-featured multiplayer mode also allows gamers to play as U. Rozsireny "deathvoice" zvolanie pri zraneni alebo pri umrti. Or switch to Fist Alpha in game menu: Only registered members can share their thoughts. This mod is primarily for Czech version of game Vietcong - Fist Alpha 1.


Vietcong First Person Shooter. This update comes with full mod content. Downloads 1 today. Special Forces or Vietcong soldiers and to battle over specially designed levels. US dubbing includes typical exclamations known for singleplayer selected commands. Hit Shock x US: Znizena hlasitost zvuku "kradnutia vlajky". VC fish nahradeny inym spolocnym hlasom volanie naletu a Fz oznamenia hodu granatom neboli nahradene.

Acting as an elite soldier, players of "Vietcong" command the A-team, part of the U.

In "Vietcong," the player chooses from more than 25 weapons, including M16's, grenade launchers and sniper rifles. Pouzi odkaz Vietcong-Fist Alpha vytvoreny po instalacii datadisku 2.

Or create shortcut, put at the end of target vietcong. US dabing s viietcong hlaskami znamych zo singleplayeru k vybranym prikazom. Local guerilla VC no. Fixed few english voice commands in czech version of game.

Lowered volume of sound when flag is stolen.

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