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Delphi 2013.1

Update i saw just that someone installed with and worked wel on Autcm. Succes Max Thanks for the reply but I can not do activation and I can not download the torrent file, I can tell you I do not understand how to do thanks. Thank you in advance! Tell me what you can do so Draft program saw the cable?

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Hi, Please read a first post. So I did everything as the manual says, deleted autocom with revo, all the folders and certificat. Patch your installation folder first. Please let me who by activation autocom r1 thanks max Hi friend: Scroll down the original page to "previous versions", there you find it.

Hi my friend could you please activate my delphi? I'm starting and opening up the desktop computer. Hi, Activated good installation.: I have serial blacklisted, installation was ok, patch ok, soft ask me for a firmware upgrade, made ok, but now when i start the software it tell me that i have a blacklisted serial, and don't connect with the car.

Throws an error VCI. Please let me who by activation autocom r1 thanks max.

Here is my delphi xml,and i give you a big thank you!!!! Automiczen Hi, I have installed on the same portable autocom delphi Lol I never even caught on that one thought it was typing error you are right, was i typing error when i activate my tester, i type instead now it's all ok i have read in other forums that this version My serial is There is a new downloaduse it!: I don't use it i have reverted back to Thanks in advance for the answers.

Finaly working, in adition to those folders there is also another witch i didnt erase, found on another forum. Sorry Is there a way to download Delphi R3? May i ask for activation for Delphi cars Hello, could you 2013.1 my xml.

I think not tested yet that most Blocked ID numbers are deleted in the patch. Ok, Activated with a patch main in the folder. Please activate Delphi Cars Thank you in advance!

Downloads: Patch autocom/delphi 2013.1

Because the certificate is not valid in your installation folder. Big thanks to all.

Copy your files DTC. For cars and trucks is already activated.

Patch autocom/delphi - Downloads - Digital Kaos

Sorry for my English medium: Could you please explain to me which is valid? Iv tryed again with out the need of xml file but dont seem to work could someone do this one for me please Close internet and push the big button and let the system activate himself! Wonder if I got it right this time

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