Vista doesn’t pick up the drivers when pointing to the folder with the extracted files from qcenu, no matter if you point it directly to the folder with the files. I didn’t know you had to search for the exe-file itself. The camera is getting recognised. As a precaution, I uninstalled all previous Logitech QuickCam and driver software first including driver packs and made restarts before beginning with the process prescribed. Picture constantly breaks up on xawtv and wxcam under Arch Linux. Finally someone who has fgound a way around Logitech’s poor support and advice.

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I cannot seem to get the frame rate all the way up to 30 fps, but that may be due to my computer and logitech quickcam v um14 connection. Double-click the device and select the Driver tab. Thank you I have been trying logutech hours if it wasnt for this advice i would have had no chance as i dont know much about computers.

Works a treat now! Is it in Bin? Logitech quickcam v um14 the camera is showing only black screen. Additional notes on the software: Thank you so much for figuring this out.

quickcwm I have a QuickCam Pro USB dark focus ring webcam and I have tried your instructions, but the Quickcam software says “webcam is in use by another application”. Then I unpacked it succesfully with logitech quickcam v um14. Adjusting resolution from x to x Doesn’t work for me, with Quickcam Express.

Trick to Use Logitech QuickCam Messenger in Windows Vista

Tested with guvcview and also with mjpg-streamer. Yoo Luis, can you give us your usbaudio.

But this would be true of any webcam. Go into Bios when starting your computer, set USB controller to 1. THey’ll ask you how to fix different error codes.

Plug in the camera, and then point to that folder. I did not work. Kind of ridiculous that the old quickcam messenger isn’t supported on Vista however…. Qickcam helped me, so thanks!

With powered hub, detected out of box as Video0 V4L device. To summarize the steps: This post has help me too, but yesterday I’ve installed the Vista SP1. Logitech quickcam v um14 – Cases – Other Peripherals Keyboard, logitech quickcam v um14, hub, wifi As an aside I will not buy another Logitech product including mice, remotes, or speakers, because of thier abysmal support policy reagrding their cameras.

Driver logitech webcam messenger [Résolu]

NO podia conectar la camara a pesar de que vino con su CD original, pero con las indicaciones que pones ya todo esta bien. I was hoping there would be an easier way, but I decided I wanted my webcam working again, and now it is.

Logitech QuickCam E d: Recognised in ‘lsusb’ as Pixart Imaging, Inc. It has a very sleek and compact design with a nice carrying case to go with it. I logitech quickcam v um14 in my headphones as well but they didn’t work logitech quickcam v um14. You are an amazing amazing wo man!

RPi USB Webcams – 01

The main thing that people need to know when looking at this product is that it is logitech quickcam v um14 for laptops. Thanks It works in my Vista. Stephan and Rave, this does work, but make sure you follow these steps in this order: If anyone can help me, please don’t foregt me. Error report is that “firmware inproperly reports device resources, and driver can’t start”. WOW great find, i’ve been looking for ages and this is the best way by far, works a treat.

Webcam Logitech V-UAP9 (QuickCam Express)

I tried “magic incantation” and quickvam did not help. I need to know which exact file is the windows XP driver so i can target if from the device manager since vista doesn’t feel like playing nice.

logietch Install 7-zip instead of Winrar. I go to device manager, say update device driver, choose the folder from my logitech quickcam v um14, and immediately it says “Windows was unable to install your camera.

Tried motion and fswebcam, both running smoothly. When I logitech quickcam v um14 in the drives subfolder of the qcenu folder, a messege tell me that it is no possible to find the driver and the instalation failled. I quiclcam the lord for people like you!

It is obvious C: Has auto exposure, but seems to be optimized for indoor use. I have tried a lot of reinstalls and hacks without any success, please, logitech quickcam v um14 case someone fix it, share the solution. Provide your administrator password, if needed, and then click Continue.

Once it is detected, it will say that it’s not compatible; just click to continue installation anyway.