This will take you back to the General Print screen. The Paper Type Sensor automatically detects the type of paper that has been loaded into the printer and adjusts the settings for you. We offer compatible and genuine Lexmark printer cartridges for a variety of printers. Firmly grasp the paper, and gently pull it out. The printer can read either a PictBridge-enabled digital camera or a memory card, but not both at the same time. Press repeatedly until you reach Fax Footer. Defining the tray tells the printer which tray it will feed paper from when it prints a copy, photo, print, fax, PictBridge, or Bluetooth job.

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License Agreement, any other written agreement signed by you and Lexmark relating to lexmark x9575 mac Use of the Software Program. Page – Changing the Productivity Studio searche Llexmark Of Contents printed characters are improperly formed or not aligned printer not lexmark x9575 mac with computer printer plugged in but does not print printing failure error printouts have alternating bands of light and dark print Printer is not able to communicate with the computer The printer and computer are not able to exchange data.

Press to preview the output. Lexmark Optra M-series Ink: Printing photos Printing a photo or selected photos Load photo paper in Tray 1 or in the small lexmark x9575 mac feeder. Ink Smudges During Automatic Two-sided Printing, Partial Document Or Photo Prints Ink smudges during automatic two-sided printing If nac notice that the ink on one side of a two-sided document did not have sufficient time to dry before the printer automatically printed the other side, these are some things you can try.

For example, if you lexmark x9575 mac to print a photo, load photo paper into the printer.

Phone Number Search View phone numbers previously added using Add Entry, and add numbers to a fax lexmark x9575 mac. Click Create E-mail to create an e-mail message with your scanned image s attached. IP address means no two devices on the same network have the same IP address. Choose your dialing method. Page 41 Display Note: X X X X Page 27 Tray 2 Note: You may have left the printer control panel Photo Size lexmari item setting at 8.

X X X X If the camera USB selection is incorrect, the camera will be lexmark x9575 mac as a USB storage device, or an error message will be d9575 on the control panel of the printer.

Table Of Contents Despeckling a photo Page – Transferring photos from a memory device Setting up the printer to view the last five lexmark x9575 mac Windows checking s9575 readiness checking your network name Windows cleaning exterior of lexmark x9575 mac printer mad print cartridge nozzles collating copies 93, color effects applying color ink low colors on paper do not match colors Changing the Productivity Studio library preferences From the desktop, double-click the Productivity Lexmark x9575 mac icon.

If you hear a dial tone, connect the printer to that wall jack. From the Ports tab, select the USB port for your printer. Print a test page to test the communication between the computer and the printer.


Italiano Con la presente Lexmark International, Inc. If you subscribe lexmark x9575 mac this service, you can program your printer to have a distinctive ring pattern and phone number for incoming faxes. The cartridges do not print correctly if left exposed for an extended period of time. Move the slider to control how much flash fill is applied.

Page 24 If you purchased and installed the optional Tray 2, your fully assembled printer appears as follows with lexmark x9575 mac parts identified. Click Select Pages To Print to reprint any damaged poster pages without having to print all of the poster pages. Click Work with Documents and Photos. Your wireless network is set up and working properly.

Lexmark Printer Ink & Toner Cartridges | 01

Printing collated copies If you print multiple copies of a document, you can lezmark lexmark x9575 mac print each copy as a set collated or to print the copies as groups of pages not collated. Connecting lexmark x9575 mac a telephone Connect a telephone to the printer to use the fax line as a normal telephone line. Using A Digital Phone Service Setting the printer to use the Fax feature without a computer Use lexmar, method to set up your printer for faxing when the x95775 is not connected to a computer or to a network.

Page Click each tab, and change the settings as needed. You must use photo paper for borderless printing. Press to print a user default settings list which lists each lexmark x9575 mac setting in the printer, the value it is set to, and its factory default.

Setting The Bluetooth Mode Bluetooth adapter while actively printing from the Bluetooth-enabled device. Insert a memory card or flash drive x5975 document files into the printer. Connecting Directly To A Telephone Wall Jack Connecting directly to a telephone wall jack Connect the printer directly to lexmark x9575 mac telephone wall jack to make copies or to send and receive faxes without using a computer.

Lexmark Ink & Toner Cartridges

Page Enter your fax number by using the keypad. Lexmark Z – series Ink: Lexmark Stylus Printers Ink: If you are using automatic duplexing, use only lexmark x9575 mac or A4-size plain paper. Flip up the paper exit tray stop to catch the envelopes or photo cards as they exit.

You should uninstall and then reinstall the printer software. Enter the PIN, select a digit location, and select a value for that digit.

Paper sizes supported Dimensions Greeting cards 4 x 8 inches Press repeatedly until Change Printer Lexmark x9575 mac Settings is highlighted. If you are using a color cartridge, make sure it is properly installed in the right carrier. The lexmark x9575 mac unit must be closed to start a new scan, print, copy, or fax job.

Click pages to select or cancel them.