Sorry bro, Now this cant be done for free. I got the device from local dealer. Could you unlock the web pocket 42 model Es-2? My dongle is Tmobile and i would like it unlocked. If anyone knows where a firmware with voice included is, please let me know, post a response here please. Is it asking for unlock code and attempts are left to enter the code? No need of another firmware to unlock it as it asks for unlock code after changing the SIM card.

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Hi Ruchira, my huwaei EgG modem mobilw already unlocked when i purchased it. Pls Is not working for my own modem E Please give me correct unlock code if you have.

Thanks a lot Somehow huawei mobile broadband e122 the time i tried again, the voice was enabled. Plz pay through PayPal button of https: Unknown Can you help me to unlock the modem, I am ready to pay! Please help me please. My huawei con imei gracias. Do you mean I should select from my Paypal account the option Pay by Email and input there your email?

Huawei WiFi Mobile Router, Gateway, Wingle, & Dongle Unlock Code in Cheap Rates | 01

Well Im huawei mobile broadband e122 there is a method using AT commands why not right? Could you please help me? Thanks for the reply Ruchira, will try and get back to you. Charge will be 10USD, huawei mobile broadband e122 need to open the screws of the device, then I will unlock it remotely without erasing the NV hash code. If you have already paid, then plz reply through your PayPal email in kamlesh gmail. Range of Laser Barcode Scanners: Yes you cant hear the sound means that modem is locked on voice part.

Also how do you open Rar files?

Activating voice calling on huawei HSDPA

Unlock code for huawei mobile broadband e122 IMEI number is and flash code is I will appreciate any help. Any help will be highly appreciated. Sorry you got this wrong. I looked around the WebUI with my existing Mail in kamlesh gmail. I got the code, that was solved fast!

Thank u so much Mr. Please suggest me how to unlock, i am waiting for your response. What do i do?

Thanks for the advice and past help with unlocking the tip with the Flash password came huawei mobile broadband e122 very useful when flashing the rom. I have made the payment as requested as regards to unlocking my huawei E imei numner …….

Can someone Plz help me unlock huawei E — Manufacturer: Pls send me the unlock code for Huawei mobile broadband e122 E Hi, i m raj i want to unlock my aircel modem. Try to reset the device, if still does not work then, if in warranty then look at service center. Broadbsnd Ruchira, I managed to detect the modem, put in the code, then the software says Send Unlock Command….

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