But unplug the Pen drive from the computer and plug again all the data will disappear and shows empty. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfuntioned and windows does not recognize it for assistance in solving the problem ,cick the message please suggest me best steps to recover it thanks Bhanwar Singh. A-Data Xupreme X 16 Gb. So I was wondering if anybody knew what this could mean? I am using 16gb pen drive, When i am trying to open pen drive ,it is taking lot of time nor i copy a file nor access it. Very Important files in the my Pen Drive. I have a kingston 2GB pendrive its not getting detected..

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Ele me pede para preencher:. Hello I have a 8gb kingston pendrive.

It no longer flashes. USBDeview make this test by writing a large file into the USB flash drive, and then reading back the same file to getting the read speed. When i m trying to format the pendrive it formats.

But I cannot recover big files when I connect it to another system. Please help me with this problem.

Send me a solution. Is this a problem with the electronics? Right click on your portable drive and click change drive letter and paths Uts very nice.

Dica – Recuperar o espaço real da sua pen USB

I have pen drive of 1 GB storage capacity. Plz tell me how to realive the USB.

Now it is not opening in my laptop also. In my Computer both flash drive was working normally and after that both flash hp v165w 4gb pen drive i have try insert in friend Computer for copy some data its not detecting and there is no any message appear about USB flah drives.

Also I tried to scan using diffrent antivirus but no antivirus able to scan. Hi Friends, i have faced the pen drive not found in xp. The volume name I typed in was too long!

No meu hp v165w 4gb pen drive, somente o SD Formater funcionou. In Ubuntu 11 it is not recognised as a device. Somebody please help me out. Thank you so much… this solved my problem…. Dane-Elec 16GB Red capless. Hi All, Can you also suggest how to increase the size of the C Drive by taking the memory of other drives without formatting the present C drive? When i connect it to my laptop it shows as Removable Disk. Thank you so much in advance.

Sir, when i am trying to format it, a message shows-Windows was unable to complete the format. Would really appreciate your help. Pls help me in this regard. Hi, My computer dose not detect USB devices, for instance when I plug in USB flash drive nothing happens not even the lights flash and nothing on device management.

When i try to open a folder, for each and every click the folder is opening in new window. I hv 4 GB hp pendrive bt works as 6 mb. I have also changed the name hp v165w 4gb pen drive drive by using the above method and after re inserting the drive when i am trying to open it. I have a 4 GB kingston pen drive.

But small word files can be recovered. You can follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook Fan Page. I scaned my pen drive as well as both the computers with kaspersky no virus found Really it ll hp v165w 4gb pen drive appreciated to solve my probs Ps.

USB Flash Drive Speed Tests – 16 GB Group

My Computer does not show the removable disk drive ;therefore I cannot read my drice contents ; but my drivve LED flashes. I checked the USB stick on another computer and it works fine. I have a moserbaer pendrive of 4 gb and when i paste any stuff on it ,after removing from PC it gones. My usb is detected by my computer but when i open it.

Dear sir, I have pen drive 8GB imation flash drive usb but it shows only 4. It can format by computer-manage-diskmanage, but when i m tring to copy the pe it automatically disconnected and then reconnect.

Temos recebido diversos pedidos de leitores que querem pe o tamanho original hp v165w 4gb pen drive suas pens USB. ByteStor 16 Gig Flash drive. I plugged in my USB pen yesturday,it worked ,,, hp v165w 4gb pen drive computer detects the other pendrive today, but this one has suddenly stopped working?

Posso fazer alguma coisa para corrigir isto? When I plug the device into USB ports I have tried apprixamtely 15 different ports the device blinks and hp v165w 4gb pen drive computer tries to the read the drive it will appear for a split second. Because the database is already quite large, the main page only lists the USB speed tests submitted in the last 60 days.

Atul See the solution number 6 and 9 above to find the fix to your problem. I have 4gb kingston pendrive when i insert it to computer it always says the file or directory are corrupted and unreadable. I have 2GB iball pendrive it shows me zero byte. I have a 4gh 2GB pendrive its not getting detected.

Dica РRecuperar o espa̤o real da sua pen USB РPplware

Hi, I hav 2 pen drives, both ve a same problem now. Pls help me,is der any software 2 solve d problem. Could any one help me with that.

Eu usei o meu Kali Linux para solucionar o problema.