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Runespan bot

There are 3 tiers of each. It is more valuable to move the newer a better tier node is, and less worth it the older it is. This is doubly effective because the larger islands are also near the entrance. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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There are step platforms which take 6 seconds to traverse and a missile platform which takes 8 seconds. This is really fun legit, actually. This can be used to have constant knowledge of the yellow wizard's location. Working on m fish atm.

Sorry, im new to RsBot, how do I add scripts? However, the timing is tight. This is meant to be a thorough guide intending to clear things up! Centering one's self around platform 29 minimizes the average distance to a high level node with a probability that will get you more xp on average than just staying on 30 and You then have the option to give him runes in exchange for an experience reward based on your level.

I'll pay you 1m.

To add the script go here: Founder of Jamandy52 skilling clan. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: If you start your search from the recommended center islands, you should look toward the edge of the map as you traverse to either 13 or 6.

EpicBot - Pro Runespan (RS3)

So even if you go around most of the islands shown which isn't likelyit is still worth it to find the yellow wizard in most every situation.

Works good only 1 bug runezpan I found was that it tries to siphon a cloud that needs 95 rc and it keeps on trying to siphon it, eventhough my rc lvl is only Choose the Wisdom of Scabaras effect.

Your feedback is appreciated! Note, this only applies if both nodes spawn at the same time. Calculations that form the basis for strategies below average the 4 platform times to 6. Can you add me on msn blt show me how to add scripts? If you don't care and want to afk as much as possible, this guide may influence some decisions you make while in runespan.

Join runespan fc to maximize runespan xp! There are 5 tiers to this aura, use the best you can. Want to get my attention in a thread? Posted May 1, Originally Posted by Kyle Undefined.

Sign up for a new account in our community. There are blue wizards, and there are yellow wizards. Share this post Link to post.

Runespan bot for Rs3

This method doesn't make any money right? Lol Gotta love Injection for some things.

Although i don't like the paint that much, the colour of the numbers don't go with the background. Feel free to ask any questions, I will likely continue to develop the guide to cover any oversights. Only thing of use is the runespn. The time you save is time you siphon nodes which give drastically more xp than wraiths.

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