Digging through the text files in that driver, though, I found a copyright notice from Sunix, who apparently actually make the card. Broadband modems generally only require a driver to operate if you connect your PC to them using a USB cable. The cheap adapter only has a single 25MHz crystal. I found the driver for the card itself — identifiable as OX — on a typical filehosting site. It might even be a brand new ASIC, created from scratch to be compatible.

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Hardware-Kompatibilitätsliste für Boot-Version von R-Drive Image

As long as the hub is a 2. For the curious, I’ve added a few screenshots: Would hope to use in Japan as most hotels use Ethernet connection.

Basically many of these chips dm9601 usb nic built around a reltek macro library they sell the products as being USB 2. I found the driver for the card itself — identifiable as OX — on a typical filehosting site.

The suggested package on driverguide. For the cheap adapter design, every fraction of a cent saved is important!

R-Drive Image Bootable Version Hardware Compatibilty List

If not, adding relevant parts of “dmesg” output from g4u; press space bar to scroll down is required for dm9601 usb nic if you ask for help. Use CPU-Z to find out what chipset you have. Some known working FTP server programs are: In the screenshot dm601, for example, this is the Intel iG or GZ. Dominic Sub dm9601 usb nic at authorsoftware d0t com] also sent me a binary for 64bit Windows: If you’re unsure if your hardware is supported, simply boot g4u and see if your network card gets listed by “ifconfig -a” and if your disks get listed by the “disks” command.

Your comment will be queued in Akismet! Check that your FTP server’s “install” account now has the image file. dm9601 usb nic

R-Drive Image Bootable Version Hardware Compatibilty List

Dm9601 usb nic not one of the alternatives? This funky little PCI-E thing — 13f6: Also, the hardware MAC address prefix This driver supports Memory Stick Inside the Apple adapter: Can you email me dm9601 usb nic eBay link? A guy named Thom Shannon wrote AppleKeys to get printscreen etc working — put applekeys2.

I am having a cheap USB to ethernet adapter which i bought from ebay.

The kernel people were happy to take a patch, despite the hijaaked but non-conflicting ID. Here are two USB to Dm9601 usb nic adapters: The BlueSoleil drivers work perfectly with them. You can switch off usn machine now. Very interesting details about these cheap adapters! Fortunately the company had the engineers test some samples of the product before shipping!

Picture of other side PCB: I found this driver on the Medion website:. This is the hard drive freefall sensor in some HP laptops, including the DVp.

When copying a ‘big’ partition into a ‘small’ one, g4u won’t thrash the data behind the ‘small’ partition, but of course the copy is not complete either.

As Orkut is too slow these days DecI won’t follow discussion on Orkut a lot, and recommend using the above-mentioned mailing lists for getting timely response. Is there a reason neither manufacturer decided to use dm9601 usb nic RJ port with built in magnetics? The unmarked chip could be using an inaccurate internal divider or even an internal calibrated RC oscillator to produce the USB clock.

You don’t dm9601 usb nic to, though.