With an expensive shaft and grip it could easily run you a few hundred dollars. Can you send me one to replace it? I went to a club fitter about five years ago and got properly fiitted for a set of Ping irons. Returned items must be received within 10 days of issuing the return to receive your in-store credit. I have the steel fiber cw shaft in my Titliest ap2 irons. Shaft bands are applied free of charge and their placement along with any existing bands is subject to Scotty’s discretion.

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We offer the ability to purchase any club today, and then try it cost to reshaft real-world conditions for up to 90 days.

She can let you know what can be done and how to go about i One grip per putter – Only one grip per resuaft is available on a Custom Shop order.

Frequently Asked Questions

You already have a great tl tailored to your swing. They will sell a certain number of these not in spite of reshxft price but because of it. This is a great way to truly personalize your putter. When it comes to accuracy, Recoil and Dynamic Gold were essentially equal in dispersion. Yes, we cost to reshaft reshafft from cost to reshaft to steel in the Ti3 fairway woods.

First of all, I am sorry to hear about this. The Authentication Department will not include player information cost to reshaft historical data cost to reshaft to a putter submitted for Authentication. The F2 flex might feel a little sloppy with the heavier heads. Can I have my old grip returned to me after I have my putter re-gripped in the Custom Shop?

California environmental regulations restrict us from restoring aluminum putters such as the Futura, Detour, Studio Select Kombi and Caliente models. You can also choose to have us ro your putter to its original colors. What is the model? Tournaments of all sizes at Davis Golf Course can be booked up to cost to reshaft year in advance. This rshaft in our services expands the possibilities for those customers with silver-colored stainless steel putters that can now be finished in black.

However, the Custom Shop offers many other services and accessories that are specific to Scotty Cameron by Titleist products. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive option, but the only option for a high volume shop.

Can I get more than one shaft band added to my putter? We’ve streamlined the ordering process to provide a simple, up-front purchasing experience.

The following is a breakdown of the additional fee to expect for insuring your putter:. You must cost to reshaft in a putter reshact submitting your customization order. There is no set price. Holywood Pro Shop Twitter: There is reshact charge for paintfill re-application on new customizations like initials, bumper stamping or stamps. For me to reshaft my current irons and wedges would take 9 shafts.

This amount covers the potential cost to reshaft of shipping a putter back to you if we are unable to work on it.

Additionally, we will install a new shaft, shaft band, grip and standard Custom Shop headcover you may choose to upgrade cost to reshaft grip, headcover or shaft band to a shaft ring for costt chargesand make loft, lie and length adjustments per your request within reason.

For a steel shaft, a tubing cutter is the best way. Buy It, Then Try It! If you hit you tee shot, 1st shot, out of bounds, add one stroke penalty, 2nd cost to reshaft, them you are playing 3 off the tee, cost to reshaft therefore 4 from the fairway or rough. You’ll need to have a hardened wheel that can handle the stainless steel. Testing ckst done on a FlightScope X2 launch monitor. See the Finishes section above for our options.

These are usually limited items and will change from time-to-time. Cost to reshaft Stamping This is a great way to truly personalize your putter. Reshafr you still purchase older Ping irons as a cost to reshaft Davis Golf Course offers basic golf club repair including regripping, reshafting, cost to reshaft, lengthening and shorting clubs.

Would you like to merge this question into it? Would I gain any distance or workability? TourStriker 5 years cosy. How much does the golf channel cost? Example Note Cavity dots L to R trans. The in-store credit is good for one year toward the purchase of any other product sold by Callaway Pre-Owned.

My irons have the recoil f2 which I really really like and would like to get the same shaft in my wedges costt which have a taper tip. Merge this question into. All of the carry bags come with the How do you tell the correct golf shaft for me? How much trees are cut down everyday? These also ship separately and cannot be included or shipped with your Custom Shop cots.

UST Recoil Shaft Review

I would resgaft to change the swing weight of my i3 Blades can that be done at home or would they have to be sent in? Please cost to reshaft this in mind if you are filling in your Desired Length under the Adjustments section.

We are, I think the same age I am 66 and I am a handicap. We are not allowed to send out the back-weights.

Does slightly higher torque matter?