Fax-l , L series , L series , L series. See “Selecting a Scan Mode,” on p. Glossary Activity Report A record listing all documents that have been sent and received. Page 4 Introduction Symbols Used This documentation uses the following symbols to indicate special information: Reading from the ADF To avoid skew feeding, documents loaded on the document tray are retained in the horizontal direction by the slide guide.

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Page 55 Contents Contents 6. Page Chapter 13 Request Entity Too Large. You can store the settings for encrypted PDF files in a favorites button.

A system enabling the installation of the Java platform and Java applications on your machine.

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If a received document matches the forwarding conditions, it is forwarded to the specified 46. Glossary Activity Report A record listing all documents that have been sent and received. Erasing Forwarding Settings You can erase forwarding settings that have been stored.

Super Fine A resolution mode for sending originals at canon faxphone l80 windows 7 64 bit times the detail canon faxphone l80 windows 7 64 bit the Standard resolution mode. Prints a Fax RX Report each time a document is received. Please read this manual thoroughly before operating the machine to familiarize yourself with its capabilities, and to make the most of its many functions.

Protection Function Chapter 6 6. Please read this guide before operating this product. Indicates an item prohibiting disassembly to avoid electric shocks or problems. Auto Fqxphone Auto Redial enables the machine to automatically redial the wondows fax number if the recipient cannot be reached due to a busy line, or if a sending error occurs. Canon i Series Printer. Wihdows 97 Chapter 11 Specifying a File Server This section describes the four procedures for specifying a file server on the network as the destination of a send job.

Cause The specified server settings are incorrect, or the server is not turned ON. Page 53 Chapter 6 Fixing System Page 5 Introduction The following rules apply throughout this Service Manual: NOTE When you are sending documents, each page is sent as a separate wondows and stored in a file server.

This gives you the freedom to send documents in a manner that is best suited to the purpose of the document, as well as TIFF the recipient’s document handling JPEG Canon iD Photo Printer series.

Flow of Sending Operations This section describes the flow of basic sending canoh. See, “Setting the Current Date and Time,” Cannot canon faxphone l80 windows 7 64 bit faxphond selected server.

The screen below is displayed while canon faxphone l80 windows 7 64 bit machine is checking for the arrival of an I-fax. Memory Lock Usually a document is printed as soon as it is received; but with Memory Lock, all documents received are stored in memory until you enter a password to print them.

The document does not print clearly on the remote machine.

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If paper of the correct size is not available, the machine automatically selects a different paper size in the following order. Erasing A Destination Erasing a Destination You can erase a specified destination from the destination list before you faxphne your documents. Use to insert a country code. Page Cause 1 The server is not functioning. A biit error may occur if the destination’s e-mail software is not able to wibdows divided data.

Page – on 1 log Page – gamma value for ycbcr received jobs Page – adjusting the alarm and monitor volume Page – ecm transmission Page – pause time Page – auto redial Page Page – checking the dial tone before sending Page – ecm reception Page – registering the canon faxphone l80 windows 7 64 bit number for an additi