Save on Digital Cameras Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. The PC also powers the camera while it’s connected, taking the load off the batteries. Here’s a by PenCam shot of the same scene click to see the original. This is a valid enough feature, since the PenCam gives you no way to see whether a picture’s any good without transferring it to a PC. At a glance, it looks the same as the older PenCam, but it has a by maximum resolution, against the by resolution of the older model.

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There’s not even an off button – just leave the camera alone for 30 seconds in untethered mode, and it powers down.

Aiptek PenCam Trio VGA Manuals

If you want to save the pictures as a video clip, you can make one out aiptek pencam vga them using the Manager software. They’re transferred as ordinary separate frames. A 26 frame by movie comes out at about 2.

The BMPs are kilobytes in size for by and Kb for by But if I tried to get in close, all I got was low-pitched error beeps. In untethered mode, it just won’t take a picture if it doesn’t think there’s enough light.

You can’t possibly aiptek pencam vga an on-camera image display.

You only get one to two weeks of untethered battery aiptek pencam vga out of a pair of alkalines. If you develop an enthusiasm for changing the PenCam’s focus, a vvga of pen-dots on the focus ring to indicate what scallop should be uppermost for what setting could be an idea.

Aiptek PenCam VGA 2 MP Digital Camera – Gray | eBay

When it’s untethered, it always aiptek pencam vga drains its batteries – especially if there are images in the memory. On the plus side, aiptek pencam vga means the focus won’t be changed if the camera’s bouncing around in your pocket. You can transfer 26 high res pictures from the camera in about 17 seconds, which is what you’d expect for USB transfer of 8Mb of data. More items related to this product. You can use them plugged into the computer as a normal webcam, or you can unplug and take as many pictures as the memory can handle.

It’s mm high by 32mm wide aiptek pencam vga 23mm deep at its largest points 4. To select a mode, you just press the shutter button once – or twice, if you’re aiptekk Clear Memory. The “Pen” part of the PenCam’s name is only slightly misleading. But don’t expect great results.

Review: Aiptek VGA PenCam Trio

And you’re probably going aiptek pencam vga use a very dodgy little lens. An excerpt from a low res shot of the same scene click for the whole thing. This is resolutions aiptek pencam vga VGA to SQCIF, stacked on top of each other the larger image you get by clicking this picture above is still scaled down somewhat, for file vva reasons.

It’s not too ghastly.

Already a great device simply for the convenience that its compact size offers, it also boasts an abundance of valuable features. No screen on the back, no through-the-lens viewfinder.

Its field of view is roughly equal to a 43mm focal length lens on a 35mm camera. You’ll want to use some other program to save them in a aiptek pencam vga compressed format if you take a significant number of pictures.

Now, here’s an excerpt from a by picture of the same scene click for the full image. The Aiptek’s low light performance aiptek pencam vga Skip to main content.

Aiptek PenCam VGA 2 0.4MP Digital Camera – Gray

The jaggies aren’t as noticeable when you don’t have as many high-contrast straight edges. Nikon D D There’s a pen-style side clip, and a removable plastic pocket clip as aiptek pencam vga, so it’s easy to carry and use in various ways.

The PenCam’s attempt at the scene. Fiddling aiptek pencam vga the focus lets you get quite sharp pictures out of the PenCam for close-ups and for landscape shots.